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A few words on our most important word: Safety.


Safety is our Landmark, and ensuring the highest safety standards takes dedication and discipline. Our affiliates' Safety Management System (SMS) is a closed-loop process that encourages reporting of potential safety hazards, designates a root cause and corrects the deficiency effectively and efficiently. We are proud of the recognition they receive from the leading aviation auditing and standards entities.



Platinum Rating with Aviation Research Group (ARG/US)
The premier aviation-auditing firm that conducts on-site audits of procedures and documentation on a bi-annual basis has given Landmark's affiliated operators a Platinum rating. This is the highest rating awarded.


Contributing Partner and Member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation
Landmark is proud to be part of a group of industry professionals dedicated to providing a standard by which all charter and fractional operations are measured.


International Business Aviation Council
We are a recognized member of the IBAC, creator of the IS-BAO. The IS-BAO is a code of best practices designed by the industry to help flight departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism.


Wyvern Wingman Certified
The Wingman standard is a touchstone in business aviation safety, affirming our affiliated operators' commitment to industry best practices and a culture of safety.




Flight Operations Department
Our affiliate's Flight Operations department enables pilots to make informed decisions, providing operational support, guidance, and oversight to flight crews and aircraft operating around the world.


Crew Recruitment and Management
Our affiliated operators recruit highly qualified pilots, mechanics, and cabin attendants who work as a team to meet your needs.


Specialized Training
Landmark Aviation's affiliated operators utilize FlightSafety International, Bombardier Aerospace, and CAE SimuFlite for full-motion pilot training. They also use top providers for maintenance technician education and certification, international training, medical response, cabin services, food preparation, and emergency procedures.


Risk Analysis


Flight Risk Analysis Tool
Affiliated operators' Flight Risk Analysis Tool delivers real-time risk tolerance feedback on a flight-by-flight basis to their pilots and operations control team. They can identify and mitigate risk immediately, while keeping our crews and support team continuously informed.


International Risk Assessment
Our affiliated operator's Director of Safety and Security will assemble a destination profile that details possible risks affecting flight and passenger safety, on the ground or at the destination. Their dispatch team will then monitor your flight in real time, maintaining tight control and making necessary decisions should weather and other circumstances change.


Safety Assurance
Evaluates existing risk control strategies, and helps identify and resolve new or potential issues to enhance a company-wide culture of safety.



Please contact us for additional information regarding our aircraft managment programs.


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All aircraft operated on FAA Part 135 certificates #I5WA933J, #HUNA846E, #DBCA868D, #BZUA138N, and #DDNA793K.

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