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If you've ever dreamed about true freedom, you'll find becoming a pilot a dream come true. Whether you are just learning to fly, upgrading your ratings, or need recurrency training, Panorama is the place for all your flight training requirements. For more information, please call 888-359-7266 or 914-328-9800.


Here's what you'll discover at Panorama's Flight School:

  • Highly-trained Flight Instructors who are dedicated to providing flight training in a safe and skilled approach
  • Panorama is one of the best know and oldest flight training schools in the nation. It has an excellent reputation of graduating safe and proficient aviators.
  • We have one of the largest, most modern, fleet of training aircraft in the New York metro area. In addition, all our aircraft have been meticulously cared for by Panorama's own skilled technicians.
  • We utilize an interactive, computer-based curriculum that makes learning to fly easy and fun.
  • Westchester County airport provides an ideal setting for training. Learning to fly at an airport that services a variety of aircraft from small single engine prop plane to large commercial airline jets, produces well-rounded pilots that are better trained handle any type of flying environment and condition.
  • We also have a pilot shop on premises with an extensive inventory of training materials, navigational charts and a variety of pilot accessories.
  • Panorama has the newest state-of-the-art facility located at Westchester County Airport.



Want to experience the joy of flying for yourself?

Take a Discovery Flight for only $109 including tax. A certified instructor will take you on a short flight during which YOU will have an opportunity to fly the plane, learn more about flight training and have any questions you have answered. Call 914-328-9800 today and make an appointment. Aircraft rental pricing is available by request.


Panorama is also an FAA approved CATS (Computer Assisted Testing Service) testing center.  FAA written tests are available Monday through Saturday by appointment only.



Certificates & Ratings


Below are listed the Certificates and Ratings that you can obtain at Panorama Flight School. Whether you are just learning to fly, upgrading your ratings, or need recurrency training, Panorama is the place for you!


Private Certificate - This certificate will allow you to fly throughout the United States (and other countries, with certain restrictions) with passengers, day or night. You cannot fly for compensation or hire, or when the weather does not satisfy certain minimum conditions.


Instrument Rating - The rating enables you to fly in bad weather (i.e., through the clouds and low visibility). Aside from allowing you to fly more often, this rating will give you more insight into the airspace system and will tremendously improve your flying proficiency.


Commercial Certificate - This certificate allows a pilot to fly for compensation or hire. To obtain the Commercial Certificate, you must pass an additional knowledge exam and perform a number of maneuvers that display your skill in handling an aircraft.


Multi-Engine Rating* - This rating allows you to fly planes with two or more engines. The Private and Commercial certificates are broken up into two categories - single and multi-engine.


Certificated Flight Instructor - There are three separate instructor certificates that cover all categories of flying. Pilots usually obtain these certificates in the following order:


    Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane (CFI-A) - Allows you to teach pilots who wish to obtain their Private or Commercial certificates.

    Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFI-I) - Allows you to teach pilots who wish to obtain their instrument rating.

    Multi-engine Instructor (MEI)* - Allows you to teach pilots who wish to obtain their multi-engine rating.


Airline Transport Pilot - Single Engine (ATP) - The ATP is necessary to be a captain for hire in an air carrier operation or certain corporate positions.


*Student supplied aircraft required for these ratings.


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