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Management Services Without Charter


Landmark Aviation's affiliate offers tailored professional management services for owners who want their own personal flight department with the support and experience of a professional management company. If you prefer not to charter your aircraft, but value the structure and capabilities of a management company, Landmark's affiliate has experts in finance, maintenance, international operations, safety, security, and human resources. It enables your dedicated flight crew to focus on the safe and efficient operations of the aircraft, while taking advantage of the benefits of being part of one of the industry’s most expansive fleets. You have a team of professionals who are specialists in their fields working every day to make sure you that you get the most enjoyment—and value—from your aircraft.


Your Dedicated Flight Department


• Your flight crews fly only your aircraft.
• Have maintenance technicians that are factory trained and familiar with your particular aircraft.
• Cabin attendants maintain the passenger cabin according to your preferences, and anticipate your needs during flight.
• Your flight coordination team knows your travel patterns, supports your flight crew and cabin attendant, and serves as liaison between your flight department and executive assistant or family office.
• The dedicated accounting manager for your aircraft audits expenses and prepares your monthly financial report and analysis.


Our affiliate will recruit, train, employ, and support a highly experienced group of professionals dedicated to flying and maintaining your aircraft. Having a dedicated flight crew and maintenance technician enables them to become familiar with your particular aircraft, often identifying trends before they become problems, anticipating maintenance requirements, and providing an overall higher level of customized support and attention to detail. This results in greater reliability and uninterrupted service. The flight coordinator and accountant are part of the team and provide the resources and expertise to operate and report on your aircraft.


Management Services Support Your Dedicated Team


• Wealth of real-world experience and knowledge base
• Exercise best practices
• Consistent procedures
• Safety Management System
• Crew Resource Management
• Risk mitigation and management
• Security protocols and oversight
• Permits, catering, ground transportation, flight tracking, and other coordination activities


• Extensive MRO network with many locations and capabilities in avionics, interiors, airframes, inspections and AOG
• 24/7 parts procurement through our Wholesale Parts network
• Experience with similar makes and models in our affiliates' fleet
• Positive and active relationships with aircraft manufacturers and suppliers
• Database of approved vendors around the world
• Annual audits of vendors and suppliers
• Oversee all logbook entries and work performed on the aircraft


• Familiarity with changing laws and regulations
• Invoice auditing and reconciliation
• Comprehensive monthly reporting and analysis
• Human resources, payroll services, health and welfare benefits
• Contract negotiations and fleet discounts


Fleet Planning
• Receive preferred charter rates with the fleet of managed aircraft
• The Sales & Acquisitions team can provide market insights
• Get a cost of ownership analysis
• Trust real-world operational budgets provided to you
• Coordinate the sale, acquisition, and pre-purchase inspection to minimize downtime



Please contact us for additional information regarding aircraft managment programs.


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