National Discount Programs & Financial Support


Save with our national network fuel discount program.
Our ability to provide meaningful cost reductions in fuel, the number one cost of operating an aircraft, is the hallmark of our value proposition. Through our national network fuel discount program, we are able to offer discounts when fuel is purchased at one of our FBOs or through many of the leading national-branded contract fuel suppliers.


Fly for less when you need to charter.
As a management customer of a Landmark Aviation affiliate, you automatically enjoy a 5% discount on its national fleet of charter aircraft whenever you need supplemental lift.


Our policy is your policy when it comes to insurance.
Through their fleet policy, Landmark's affiliates will place insurance for your aircraft and handle all policy administration and elective coverage. Given the large size of our managed fleet, we are able to extend rates that are only available to select individual owners.


Our affiliates' close relationship with the leading flight training academies means lower training costs for your crew.
Landmark's affiliates will extend their Flight Safety International training discounts for crew member training. Largely reduced from retail, they enjoy a great partnership with the world’s leading aviation training provider. Management of crew training will be handled by Landmark's affiliates for initial and recurrent training events, including scheduling, travel and documentation.


Save when you base with us.
Landmark Aviation offers discounted hangar rates, fuel prices and FBO services to managed aircraft at their Landmark home base.


Take advantage of our fuel management knowledge.
No other charter operator knows the aviation fuel markets better than Landmark's affiliates. They monitor fuel trends and charter rates to ensure they are always maximizing revenue for their managed aircraft owners.



Financial Analysis and Reporting: Voice of the Owner
Our affiliates finance department extends far beyond bill processing. They understand their fiduciary responsibilities and take proactive steps to protect your interests. They are involved on your behalf in everything from contract negotiations to invoice reconciliation and tax refunds.


• Comprehensive monthly reporting and analysis
• Flight history reporting with trip-by-trip expenses
• Negotiate contracts and resolve any discrepancies
• Guarantee charter revenue to defer ongoing fixed costs
• Manage insurance coverage and claims
• Oversee JSSI, MSP, Support Plus, and other support and warranty programs and remittance
• Analyze fuel burn, flight performance, and other metrics to support ownership decisions



Please contact us for additional information regarding our affiliate's aircraft managment programs.


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