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Charter Revenue Solutions: Reducing Ownership Costs

For most aircraft owners, charter plays a role in their aircraft ownership strategy. Charter can reduce the cost of ownership, as well as offer tax advantages. Our affiliate offers charter revenue solutions designed to meet each client's specific needs.


ServiceSelect can help you offset ownership costs with charter revenue.


This program was created for individual aircraft owners and corporate flight departments as a revenue generating tool to help offset the cost of aircraft ownership. Our affiliate can provide operational support, FAR 135 oversight, and a wealth of resources for your existing team. Not to mention significant cost reductions for being part of its fleet purchasing program. You are able to conduct Part 91 flights under your own operational authority while all charter flights will remain under affiliates' FAA commercial operating certificate under Part 135 so you don’t have to maintain the regulatory compliance functions.


Landmark’s affiliate’s strong charter sales and marketing teams will work hard to market your aircraft to its local and national customer base, presenting you with revenue opportunities on a consistent basis. The program also provides a way to assure regulatory compliance and a transparent way to invoice separate business units, as well as personal or family use of your aircraft.  Start with its suite of standard Part 135 management services, and add on the services that fit your needs from its optional aircraft services menu. It can create a custom management program that’s right for you.


Standard Aircraft Management Services

The standard management agreement includes the below services:


Part 135 Regulatory Oversight & Compliance
• Compliance verification and oversight to operate within FAA/DOT commercial regulations 
• Maintain integrity of Part 135 operations specifications
• Manage interface with FAA/DOT on proposed regulatory updates


Licensed Aircraft & Crew Scheduling Services
• Generate passenger flight itineraries, FBO recommendations, passenger ground transportation and catering support
• FlightSafety training discounts
• Schedule initial and recurrent training events
• Coordinate discounted rates and training documentation


Maintenance Control & Support
• Organize trip support for unscheduled and regular contract maintenance, and parts procurement
• Manage the aircraft maintenance tracking program and provide up-to-date aircraft status


National Network Fuel Discount
• Lower your fuel costs substantially with our network FBO fuel and service program
• Fuel is cost is discounted at  most Landmark locations


Contract Fuel Discount Sourcing
• Additional fuel partnerships with over ten contract suppliers optimize fuel pricing for each location
• Fuel cards are provided to seamlessly handle each transaction


Fleet Insurance Rates
• Our affiliates’ large fleet extends very competitive rates
• Our affiliate handles all policy administration and elective coverages


IS-BAO Certification
• Included under Part 135
• Part 91 operators can be accredited by training under our affiliate’s General Operations Manual, General Maintenance Manual, Safety Management System and other SOPs


Flight Following Reports
• Each flight is tracked allowing for up-to-the-minute position reports


Optional Aircraft Management Services

These services are optional and can be added to your standard ServiceSelect management agreement:


Financial Management and Accounting Services
• All financial transactions associated with aircraft operations including accounts payable for direct and indirect operating costs
• In the 135 program, all accounts receivable and Federal Excise Tax accounting
• Aircraft owner statements will be summarized by cost category


Pilot HR and Employment Services
• Benefits include company portion FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers compensation, medical, dental, and vision coverage, life insurance, and company 401k match at 32% of gross salary


Pilot Recruiting
• Candidate review with owner and employment negotiation


Annual Aircraft Maintenance Budgeting & Planning
• Annual maintenance budgets and five year forecasts for the aircraft
• Obtain competitive quotes for significant scheduled maintenance and elective upgrades that require shop visits 
• Coordination with internal and third party maintenance providers selected to manage work scope completion


Heavy Maintenance Support
• Coordinate all major shop visits for scheduled maintenance or aircraft upgrades with optimized pricing and minimized downtime


Line Maintenance Support
• General maintenance requirements and routine checks at optimal managed customer pricing when based at a Landmark MRO airport



Marketing Your Aircraft for Charter


Customer Relationships
Our affiliates have one-on-one relationships with corporate flight departments, venture capital firms, banking institutions, builders, investment firms, the entertainment industry, manufacturing companies, and high net worth individuals affording them a steady flow of charter business. In addition, brokers and those within our industry know our affiliates, while an extensive network provides a continual feed of opportunities. With many FBOs, including facilities at several of the top GA airports in the country, Landmark leverages its strong presence to keep your aircraft flying when you are not. Our customers know that we stand behind our services, operating with honesty, integrity, and transparency.


Multi-channel Marketing
Our affiliate ensures your aircraft receives maximum visibility. It employs a combination of custom sales materials, photography, online advertising and email programs to market your aircraft, as well as promoting its fleet at industry forums and events. Clients also get the added bonus of visibility within a growing FBO and MRO networks.



Please contact us for additional information regarding our aircraft managment programs.


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All aircraft operated on FAA Part 135 certificates #I5WA933J, #HUNA846E, #DBCA868D, #BZUA138N, and #DDNA793K.

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