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As part of Landmark Aviation’s full suite of aviation services, our affiliated aircraft management division builds lasting customer relationships one client at time, with responsive, proactive, personalized service—and a set of benefits we believe no other company can surpass. Backed by the power of the Landmark network, you’ll gain access to benefits and savings that you won’t find anywhere else.


Guiding Principles:


• Preserve and enhance the value of your aircraft
• Flawlessly execute every financial detail and deliver accurate reporting
• Provide significant savings in fuel, maintenance, training and crew expenses
• Seamlessly manage all aspects of crew employment
• Deliver significant offsets of annual operating costs through the right kind of charter revenue
• Support the role of the crew
• Ensure the highest standards for safety and training



Tailored Aircraft Management Solutions


We believe a management program should be designed around your needs. Therefore whether you are looking to operate privately, make your plane available for charter, you already have a flight department or would like to establish one, our affiliates look forward to helping you fully enjoy your aircraft. They have subject matter experts that will be assigned to help you with all the facets of aircraft ownership.


With Our Affiliates, We Go Way Beyond The Hangar


Handling all aspects of financial management and reporting.
As a managed customer, all financial transactions associated with aircraft operations will be handled by a Landmark affiliated accounting team, including accounts payable for direct and indirect operating costs.

Employing your crew and functioning as your personal HR department.

A Landmark affiliate will, upon request, employ your pilots, handling all aspects of payroll and HR. Benefits include company portion FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers’ compensation, medical, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, and company 401K match. If needed, our affiliate can handle all aspects of recruiting, onboarding and dismissal.

Scheduling and trip planning is a breeze.
A scheduling team will handle every detail involving the aircraft and crew itineraries. It only takes one communication to your designated scheduling contact and the crew will be briefed and the aircraft dispatched.

Separate sales and flight coordination teams.
Landmark Aviation’s affiliated charter division is unique in that its sales and flight services teams separate to provide premium and customized client service. Its charter sales team focuses on finding quality charter for your aircraft, while the flight services team concentrates on synchronizing all the details that go into providing you with a great flying experience.

Looking to offset the cost of aircraft ownership?

A charter team is focused on delivering you the right kind of charter revenue. Our affiliates have people working around the clock to ensure we give you every opportunity possible.

National discount programs that will help you save.
A far-reaching network and expansive affiliated fleet combine to give you the purchasing power you won’t find elsewhere. We can lower approximately 75% of the annual costs of whole aircraft ownership. Learn more about the savings and support Landmark and its affiliates can provide.

Maintenance control support is provided by a 24/7 team.

While standard with Part 135 aircraft, our affiliates can make available their maintenance control desk to organize trip support for unscheduled maintenance, regular contract maintenance support, and parts procurement. This allows crew members to focus on the client and flight operation of the aircraft. Learn more about maintenance with Landmark Aviation.

Scheduled maintenance forecasting lets you stay up-to-date with your aircraft.

Our affiliates can manage the aircraft maintenance tracking program and provide the necessary data so you can see up-to-date aircraft status reports. This service is standard with Part 135 aircraft.

Maintenance budgeting and planning prepares you for the future.
Landmark's affiliates are able to build annual maintenance budgets and five-year forecasts for the aircraft. They can also obtain competitive quotes for significant scheduled maintenance and elective upgrades requiring shop visits.

Let Landmark and its affiliates be your aviation service provider for all aspects of ownership.
• We have experience with nearly every make of business jet.
• Feel confident with our comprehensive safety and security program.
• You’ll be able to take advantage of preferred rates at any of Landmark's North American locations within Landmark’s growing FBO network.
• A network of Part 145 aircraft maintenance facilities across the country can offer you preferred rates for anything from interior work to wholesale parts, avionics, airframe and inspections. If we don’t have a facility that meets your needs, our affiliates will help you find one that does.
• Enjoy solutions for the entire ownership cycle when you partner with Landmark and its affiliates. We can help you acquire, operate, maintain and sell your aircraft.


Please contact us for additional information regarding our affiliated aircraft managment programs.


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